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tv   [untitled]    July 29, 2014 9:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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affordability in the central selma and all feature plans a housing annual strategy and displacement patrol officers controls in the south of market. finally, we're be looking at the development impact fees for the nonprofits, community benefits fees and allowing second floor nonprofit office in the commercial district and a policy to provide ground floor retail when we public library finance that project. another long term discussion as a shared commitment. as part of the current mayor's office of housing group i'm committed to being the sponsor on this tool the luxury development should pay a higher fee and reconcile the fees according to what they can pay. the part of the compromise we
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didn't come to an affordability issue that is about the affordability to the city not dipping below 33 percent and we're going to hold the city affordable and, of course, our housing developers. i wanted to recognize a number of folks first john the executive director of todd could and others who lead the negotiations and fernando for providing expertise in drafting the housing legislation and finally for the compromised eric and representing the developers to build for affordable housing and ken rich from the mayor's office for their package of tools for the ballots measures.
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and 8, 10 to within one and harvey milk club and supervisor campos and supervisor mar and supervisor campos for their strong co-sponsorsship and others who spent hundreds and hundreds on this starting from this lady's hundreds of days to make that a reality. before us today board is a measure this is a policy statement again memorializing the list of agreements. i said again, we were not able to come to an agreement on everything but that discussion didn't end today that we'll be able to do this dactylothere a ballot so complaegz colleagues, i ask for your support and supervisor mar
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>> i want to first thank supervisor kim for her hard work and staff coming out of the san francisco tenant conferences it was one of the critical measures along with the splatter taxi optional opposes to some but i'll move forward this when the organized with involved if the process i feel that 33 percent goals for affordable housing are way, way too allow given the balance and element even the association of the government recommendations that if we build housing well ero 60 percent should be affordable for the people that live here many organizations are not supportive of this but if the affordable housing community and others are supportive but in the interest
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of moving forward to protect the soul of the city and work together to build the housing i'm going to be supportive but i have hesitation with how the movement and but i know it wasn't easy to come up with a strong policy statement and an effort to pull in different groups i support that effort. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you. i want to thank supervisor kim for her leadership on this issue. i was extremely concerned about the rehabilitation of the affordable housing in my district and the i think ability to allow for development opportunities that would in especially pay for the 0 projects. i know we have a lot of affordable housing to build in this city i also expressed serious concerns about who gets
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the access to that housing that's another issue do moving forward it is a balance it's a first step but definitely more as a city we need to do to insure that people that need those heirs and need their housing units rehabbed and get it take care of and we need to do that more rapidly and looking forward to finding more idea and pitting on and on those on the table so thank you, again supervisor kim for your leadership >> supervisor kim. >> thank you supervisor breed and supervisor mar. i want it emphasis what supervisor mar said this was not easy have mixed feeling i know that not everyone is on the same board but i want to emphasize we have a clear focus on the displacement and insuring solid
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coalition support so this will be on the ballot and important piece to stabilize our residents >> supervisor campos. >> thank you, mr. president thank you supervisor kim and her staff for all the work if the housing balance and all the community folks that have worked on that proposal as well. as i noted during committee i'll be supporting had to be on the ballot. i think voters should have the option with that said, it's a sdroip vote i believe in the housing balance we had what i believe is one of the most effective tools that we could have had to address this crisis. and i think that the way in
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which supervisor kim and her staff framed the housing balance initiative was a very simple and yet creative way of actually doing something that did something in response to this crisis. respectfully even though i support the voters having the choice of voting on had i don't know that this does anything other than to make a statement and i believe that we need to do more than make statements when faced with this affordability crisis. i'm all for finding compromise and finding a mid ground but we gave up putting a housing balance measure on the ballot and i don't know if we got any
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concrete but the exploration down the road i don't think we need exploration but action. and so it's a very unfortunate thing and i think t a sad day. i want to thank the tenants especially and the residents who have been advocating wearing the yellow shirts for the housing balance. and so thank you. >> thank you supervisor campos. president chiu >> thank you. i want to first acknowledge supervisor kim and the stakeholders with worked on this and let me say i know the stakeholder that were involved in this conversation helped e held genuine perspectives i do support the agreement that's been be wretched and acknowledge and appreciate that we are 0 not moving forward with what would have been an expensive to this
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and ultimately unproductive fight this sets us to find adequate financing i've public library called for and many members of the public and colleagues who believe on next year's ballot in 2015 we should put awning affordable housing bond we've lost between 70 and $80,000 a year of state funding due to the elimination of housing authorities and prop one c fund and out of the conversations we've had in recent weeks we'll be able to move forward i'm happy to support this and happy to add myself as a co-sponsor. >> no other comments same house, same call? without objection so this motion is approved.
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madam clerk please call the next item >> item 57 an appointment to two members of the assessment broadly number 3 michael residency waved for a term ending september 7th and james reynolds. >> thank you so seeing no comments colleagues, can we take this motion without objection. >> please call the next item. >> item 58 with a medic to approve the president of the board of supervisors of catherine moore to the planning commission. >> president chiu. >> the next 3 items are nominations i've asked our board to hopefully support to continue the important work on two of our bodies that require and incredible amount of community leadership in time on behalf of the volunteers in our community.
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for this particular item i have recommend that we reappoint catherine more and more someone you know who has served the planning commission and an stewart architect and in urban design someone who's worked with every neighborhood and neighborhood association in the city and has a deep history of san francisco want to thank her for offering to serve for a third term we know the planning commission is the most time consuming and thank you to her and thanks to the rules committee for their unanimous recommendation and ask for your support >> thank you supervisor kim. >> thank you. i also want to thank catherine more and more for being willing to take up a third term on the planning
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commission an incredible amount of work probably the hardest working committee but also the hours they spend reading all the planning files and meeting with county and neighborhood associations to get their feedback. in particular i want to thank the commissioner for spending time with our office to talk about a prospective on district 6 and development and supporting us on oath of our priority and supporting the community. being on the look out when projects are coming that might be of interest to the neighborhood a voice for stabilization and historic preservation and, of course, affordable housing. and most recently for you're really incredible support for the western plan that was driven by the community and the planning department i know there's a lot of different thoughts and perspectives on that but commissioner moore was
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a leading voice on the planning commission. for pushing it it through and give it accolades for the process so thank you guarantee again four r for your past 8 years >> supervisor cohen. >> i want to recognize kaesht more and more for counting on ear to have a critical voice and eye towards detail especially in the southeast part of san francisco thank you and appreciate you. >> thank you. colleagues, can we take that without objection we'll take that without objection.. thank you >> madam clerk please call the next item. >> item 59 a a motion to approve the president of the board of supervisors president
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chiu dennis richard to the planning commission. >> thank you president chiu. >> thank you, madam chair for this second names for the planning commission i wanted to identify someone who had impeccable experience dennis has served for 8 years in the triangle association and through that has worked critically closely with the community and other neighborhood groups we as a body twice approved him on the market octavia and also with the eureka association w and a friend of the market value that secured the harvey milk camera shop and was the treasurer of san francisco heritage and in the community also served on the board of the deploring services organization. mr. richard has a tremendous
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respiration of fighting for the neighborhoods and historic preservation and also is someone who has a long reputation of working well and trying to bring district voices together and with that, ask for your support and want to thank the rules committee for their unanimous recommendation of mr. richard >> thank you, supervisor wiener. >> thank you, mr. chairman i'm proud to be supporting president chiu nomination i've had the pleasure of working with dennis on many, many issues both before i was on the board of supervisors when i was the president of the castro valley neighborhood association and he was the president of the triangle association we got to work on any issues and since i've been on the board of supervisors i've had the
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pleasure to work with him. i cannot think of a more qualified candidate than dennis richard he brings a credible you breath of experience in terms of every imagineal air force issue and historic preservation and formula retail dennis is an amazing hard worker that dives into the details he will be a very, very well prepared commissioner on day one will take the time we know that planning commission is not glaushz he'll learn the facts. i'll also is this dennis and i
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don't ago on every issue but we've worked through them he's a professional person who understands you try to find common ground and times when you can't agree what we had you san diego it's okay it's a democracy so i'm proud to support this nomination >> supervisor yee. >> i share supervisor wiener's statements. i found in dennis richardson an open minded person that has a wealthy of experience that is going to add value to the planning commission, in fact, all 3 of the commitments that president chiu has named are excellent choices. and i'm going to, you know, express my appreciation to president chiu for bringing
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those especially the two new nominees to us for consideration >> thank you, supervisor wiener. >> mr. chair my apologies i forgot to mention president chiu thank you for ending the dry spell on the commission in terms of not having an lgbt commissioner he know that there are more than one high profile commissioned that have no lgbt positions. i know that both mayor ed lee and president chiu have been going out ever their way to recruit lgbt candidates to thank you >> supervisor campos. >> i'm happy to port in nomination i know there are a number of people to lobby to get candidates like the one we've seen but that effort paid off and that, you know, we ended up with the individuals we have.
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i think having a member of the lgbt community especially on the planning commission is something that is a long time coming i wish the same thing could be said about the latino community they have not had a representative on the planning commission for a while. i want to thank our new planning commissioner but our continuing planning commissioner who i think will be excellent on the team so look forward to supporting this >> thank you. colleagues, can we take that without objection same house, same call? this motion is approved. madam clerk the next item >> item 60 is recommended with a motive title a motion to approve the president of the board of supervisors president chiu nomination to bobby wilson
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who's term is ending. >> president chiu. >> thank you, colleagues i'm sure you're aware of the board of appeals is a judicial body that provides the bodies with a wide variety of appeals related to many city decisions. we're talking about the granting and denials and revocation of permits and licenses and acknowledge entitlements surveillance and other discretionary review decisions. i wanted to find someone that would quickly grasp a myriad of extremely complicated and detailed administrative law and factual situations. my nominee is a woman by the name of bobby wilson who grew up in public housing and went to columbia law school and fighter for individuals that have obey discriminated against and over a
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number of years she was been named one of the top lawyers in cancel super lawyer a rising star as the first african-american and lesbian partner at two highly recognized laurmdz in california. part of how i learned about here in addition to the community voices she served as the pro bono council working with terry stewart and enjoyed that and decided to seek for service for the city i ended up finding her and decided to name her i want you to move forward >> thank you supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. actually colleagues if we were
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to pass this motion before us we would absolutely pit hit the jack pot. bobby is a force to be reckoned what i'm one hundred percent in support behind this woman he's an advocate not only in the african-american but on a neighborhood level and within the lgbt community everything she touches she manifests good faith >> supervisor campos. >> i wanted to note that, you know, it's interesting how life works bobby wilson has been a friend and mentor for many years. i started out as a baby lawyer with both bobby and terry and i
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agree that with cohen we're lucky she will serve and thank you for putting her name forward and happy to support any former colleague thank you. >> and constituent. >> and thank you supervisor cohen for that reference for hitting the jack pot. colleagues, can we take that without objection same house, same call? this is approved. >> item 61 and 62 were considered by the land use committee at the regular hearing on monday july 28th and forwarded to the board. item 61 is amended with an ordinance to amend the plodding for the requirements for mechanic amusement devices and remove obsolete provisions and
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supervisor breed thank you. this item can about because are a of a great business that's been an excellent member but found itself in violation of the arcade violation. in 1982 pinball and arcade were popular they are or folks were concerned of the corruption of our youth so the board of supervisors passed extensive regulations where and when and how our arcade games can be placed in san francisco there are arbitrary try decisions if you're restaurant installed one game you'll have to pay over seven hundred fees and $300 every year therefore you can't
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have a game between 3 hundred feet of a school or any gas station not an arcade game in other another place located in a cv d. and not after school hours you're required to give the pd police department and the department access to any games as deemed necessary a requirement that is unreasonable but i'm sure it violates the fourteenth amendment of our resolution if you're knowingly in violation the chief of police will immediately impounded you all our games until you pay $25 per game to the san francisco police department. the times have changed and
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arcade and on ball games are more of a inch that appeals to people of my age and supervisor farrell's and supervisor wiener's age and so on and so forth. according to the entertainment commission there are only two permitted arcades in the city if kids wanted to play video games they could take out their cell phones. we've spent a lot of time passing laws but we need to go back and review old laws especially who those laws are unduly effecting business owners so this has a pinball lead that enjoy getting to know their neighborhoods it's a true asset of the community it's important we don't let outdated codes stand in the way of our
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residents and folks to enlighten their communities so working with the entertainment commission and the police department i wrote regulations for people that want to add a few games. maintain the entertainments oversight roll with bars that have 5 or more games and strengthen the controls against illegal gambling. and streamlining the permit process to bring in line with on the entertainment commission practices. i want to thank supervisor wiener for joining my effort from the beginning and joel's and cain from the entertainment commission and i want to say with us today glen done hyde the vice president of the traefks and the san francisco pd has
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representatives here for all their help and support on the issue. i want to thank supervisor kim for covering co-sponsoringing for requiring one permit to at least 5. there's been concerned by increasing the number of machines in bars because of the entertainment commissions for the good neighbor policy they can't do without a policy directly one issue should not be addressed for other issues i'm committed to provide them with the authority to implement the good neighbor policy their worked hard to establish. legislation is not also about pga new laws but taking the time to fix the old ones and government shouldn't be standing
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in the way of the fear of updated policies. on the boos of that colleagues, i ask for your support to moving forward today >> thank you supervisor breed for protecting our pinball wizards. >> thank you supervisor breed and taking out the obsolete portion of our planning code and as i was reading i was wondering if many of our small businesses and bars know they have to register if they have a pinball machine that you have to file for a permit. some things i hear about when preparing the new wedging proposal or closely the health care loopholes how is it an
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easier process in san francisco i think this clean up legislation is part of that we have a number of bar owns if they have one pinball machine pay a $700 fee and go before a hearing in entertainment commission and probably for the board of appeals we have no evidence to having negative implicates to a neighborhood or community. if we knew those machines in and of itself trishtd to negative outcomes we want small businesses to provide processes and policies to insure the positive outcomes we just don't have the historic outcome if we want to support neighborhood policies w